Strategic Plan

The Board’s Strategic Plan and Direction to 2024 is available here.

The Board’s Direction: 

Drive the creation of a workforce that is responsive to the health and well-being needs of New Zealanders.

  • Engage with stakeholders to strengthen relationships
  • Influence and respond to changes and developments in the regulatory environment in New Zealand
  • Lead and enable registered dietitians to make positive work choices which build professional reputation and competence

The Board’s Values:

Professional – In all of our work we will adhere to the principles of fairness, consistency and transparency.

Integrity – Our way of working will be honest, ethical and respectful.            

Fairness – We will abide by the process of natural justice.

Excellence – We strive for effective best-practice governance and continuous quality improvement.

Kaitiaki – We work responsibly for the guardianship of the professional standards.

Strategic Plan Information

Strategic Direction to 2024