Functions & Committees

Acting in accordance within the governing legislation of the HPCA Act 2003,section 118, the Board has collective responsibility for the following functions:

Review and oversight of the annual budget and quarterly financial reporting.

Establishing policies and procedures for dietitians concerning registration, assessment and accreditation.

Reviewing the current protocol for Recertification – the consideration and endorsement of Annual Practising Certificates (APC).

Determining Professional Standards and Competence for Dietetic Practice.

Oversight of the continuing competency programme.

Establishing policies and procedures for prescribing dietitians. 

Determining the framework for matters related to a practitioner’s competence issues and/or health concerns as and when these arise.

The Board may choose to engage an Expert Advisory Group to assist in determining and developing best practice.

Complaints, notifications of competence and disciplinary matters needing investigation are brought to the Board by the Registrar. The Board has statutory facility to establish a Professional Conduct Committee to deal with particular cases of complaints or disciplinary matters.

The Board currently has ONE Committee – an Audit & Risk Committee which reports to the Board.

The Committee members are: Laila Cooper (Convenor), Hiki Pihema and Jennifer Pelvin

The role of the Audit and Risk Committee is to provide oversight of the internal controls, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the financial statements and compliance with all applicable legal requirements and accounting standards. The committee also has oversight in terms of reviewing all aspects of Dietitians Board activities to ascertain the organisations exposure to financial and other risks, acting in accordance within the governing legislation of the HPCA Act 2003.