Gaining Registration with the Dietitians Board in New Zealand requires an assessment of your dietetic qualifications and Board Examinations be sat; you must clear each stage successfully to progress to the next.

Overseas trained dietitians who wish to apply for assessment of their qualifications must:

  • have completed undergraduate and/or postgraduate nutrition and dietetic training of at least four years
  • hold current registration/credential, or, can demonstrate eligibility for registration/credential as a dietitian with the dietetic credentialing body in the country of tertiary education or practice 
  • have practised as a dietitian within the last 3 years in the country where the practitioner holds registration/credential, or, have completed their qualification within the past 2 years.
  • meet the Dietitians Board’s English Language requirements for practise as a dietitian in New Zealand

The Dietitians Board is required by law to ensure that all candidates for registration are fit in accordance with sections 15 and 16 of the HPCA Act 2003.

The Act requires the Board to assess:

  • prescribed qualifications or their equivalents,
  • competence to practise as a dietitian,
  • ability to communicate effectively for the purposes of practising as a dietitian,
  • proficiency in English language,
  • absence of qualifying criminal convictions for the purposes of section 16(c),
  • physical and mental fitness to practise,
  • professional disciplinary proceedings or investigations which may be the subject of such proceedings, and
  • likelihood of the applicant endangering the health or safety of the New Zealand public.

There are TWO steps – Step ONE is the Recognition of Qualifications – outlined below – and Step TWO is the Board Examinations – outlined HERE

STEP ONE – Recognition of Dietetic Qualifications

  1. Complete the Application form for Recognition of Dietetic Qualificationand submit with the application fee (currently $1000) 
  2. Send the application and payment with ALL the completed documentation to The Registrar, Dietitians Board, PO Box 9644, Wellington 6141, NEW ZEALAND
  3. Please send a single set of all your documentation to the Board.
  4. DO NOT send any documentation until you have collated all the documents we require.
  5. DO NOT send in original documents, only correctly certified copies.
  6. Ensure ALL your documentation is CORRECTLY certified. (Justice of the Peace, Solicitor)
  7. DO NOT use staples in your documentation 
  8. The Board cannot be responsible for sending original documents back to you.

NB: Recognition of Qualifications process can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on the documentation provided and the postal services

What MUST be provided?

The application requires you to provide the following:

  • Birth certificate/passport
  • Marriage or other certificate demonstrating change of name
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current dietetic registration license/ credential/certificate
  • Current Certificate of Good Standing from dietetic credentialing body*
  • Professional reference from current/last employer
  • Two references from registered/credentialed dietitians
  • Transcripts 
  • Academic syllabi (include subject details and hours)
  • Placement information (including length of placement)
  • Criminal record checks
  • English Language test results (if applicable)

* In countries with no credentialing body, please provide documentation from a professional dietetic association or an institution where the candidate last worked or trained as a dietitian for at least a year.

Please ensure your documentation is complete when you send it in and your referees meet this deadline to ensure your assessment can be completed to enable you to apply to sit the MCQ if your qualifications are recognised by the Board.

For more detail about what the Board requires please click HERE.

For further information about why the Board requires this documentation please click HERE.

Timing your application

You need to time your application carefully as the written exam is only held twice a year (March and September). 

To be eligible to sit the 5 September 2019 written exam your application for Recognition of Qualification must be submitted by 15 May 2019.

Applications for the 5 September 2019 written exam close 26 June 2019.  The written exam will then next be offered in March 2020.

If you are deemed eligible, and your qualifications are recognised, you will be invited to sit the Dietitians Board Examination which is STEP TWO of the Registration process.

The examination consists of two stages; you must pass the written to be eligible to sit the oral. Once you have sat and passed both parts of the examination you will be eligible for Registration.

Please contact the Registration Officer for further information if you are unsure of anything –