Since 2010, the Dietitians Board has required all entry level practitioners to have practice supervision for a minimum of one year to enable the consolidation of professional, management and dietetic skills and to establish on-going learning habits. This is the establishment phase for continuing competency and lifelong learning and is entered as a condition on the practitioner’s Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

Practice supervision is a supportive process for all entry level practitioners and is especially helpful for overseas trained dietitians to assist them in adjusting to working in New Zealand, and those returning to work after a length of time. One of the Dietitians Board’s roles is to ensure dietitians practise in a manner which ‘protects the health and safety of the public’.

Practice Supervision is workplace related and compulsory for the following practitioners:

  • all newly trained dietitians in their first year of practice
  • all overseas trained dietitians for their first year of practising in NZ
  • dietitians returning to work in New Zealand after a break of 2 years or more
  • dietitians changing their area of practice (may be required)
  • dietitians with identified competence deficits (or ‘Professional Supervision’ may be required). 

The name of the supervisor must be notified to the Board before the dietitian starts work, and logged on the practitioner’s MyCCP portfolio within a fortnight of starting work. 

Supervision sessions can be logged on the MyCCP Portfolio but it is not mandatory, unless required for competency or disciplinary reasons.

Once the supervision period is completed the supervisor must complete the supervisor sign-off.

If the supervisor changes during the year, the practitioner must inform the Board and find a new Supervisor. The online MyCCP portfolio must also be updated.

At the completion of the one year supervision period when your supervisor has completed the sign off process, your current APC must be returned to the secretariat to enable the Board to issue you with a new APC with the condition removed. There is no charge for this. However, if you have misplaced your APC you will be charged $65 for a new certificate.

At the time of APC renewal all practitioners who have a supervision condition are required to have their supervisor complete the supervision declaration to confirm that MyCCP has been discussed, is appropriate for the level of experience and learning goals met, and that there are no outstanding concerns or reasons which would mean that the practitioner should not have their APC renewed.

Please familiarise yourself with the Practice Supervision Policy.

For information regarding professional supervision please refer to Dietitians NZ website – members of the professional organisation have access to guidelines on professional supervision through the member log in.