Registered Dietitian Obligations

If you are listed on the Dietitians Boards Register, you are responsible under the HPCA Act, for ensuring that:

  • You hold a current practising certificate to practise dietetics, or to be known as dietitian (Section 7(2) and S 8(1));
  • You do not practise outside your Scope of Practice and you comply with any conditions on the Scope of Practice (S 8(2) and S 22);
  • You renew your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) during March each year to enable you to continue working (S 30), (the practising year runs from 1 April – 31 March);
  • You remain competent and fit to practise (S 27, 40 and 118) and meet minimum recertification requirements each year (CPD);
  • You inform the Dietitians Board promptly in writing of any changes in work, address, and email addresses – email is the Board’s major means of communication (S 140);
  • You inform the Board within one month of any change to your name (S 141);
  • Dietitians with a condition to be under Practice Supervision must inform the Board immediately if their nominated and approved practice supervisor changes (for whatever reason) (S23).