Registered Dietitian Obligations

If you are registered as a Dietitian in New Zealand, and therefore listed on the Boards Register, you are responsible under the HPCA Act, for ensuring that:

  • You hold a current practising certificate to practise dietetics, or to be known as dietitian (Section 7(2) and S 8(1));
  • You do not practise outside your Scope of Practice and you comply with any conditions on the Scope of Practice (S 8(2) and S 22);
  • You renew your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) during March each year, to allow time for processing and issuing the APC, to enable you to continue working (S 30), (the practising year runs from 1 April – 31 March);
  • You remain competent and fit to practise (S 27, 40 and 118);
  • You inform the Dietitians Board promptly in writing of any changes in work, address, and email addresses – email is the Board’s major means of communication (S 140);
  • You inform the Board within one month of any change to your name (S 141);
  • Entry level dietitians must inform the Board immediately if their nominated and approved supervisor changes (for whatever reason) (S23).