What does a Dietitian do?

Dietitians can be found working anywhere that involves people and food. Dietitians use their dietetic knowledge, skills and judgment, to promote health initiatives and campaigns, develop regulations and policy, undertake research, manage and advise within a food environment, design nutrition programmes and apply best practice in medical nutrition therapy settings. They can perform a variety of work functions, including leadership, management, education, and communication roles.

Workplaces might include food industry and manufacturing, hospitals, health centres, kitchens, whare hauora, rest homes, people’s homes, kohanga reo, media, schools, sports and fitness centres, sports trusts, local marae, government agencies, education, research or the armed forces.

Only those on the Register can call themselves a dietitian and practise as a dietitian. Use the Register search functions to check your nutrition health professional is registered with the Dietitians Board and has a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

Read more about the Professional Standards & Competencies required by Registered Dietitians working in New Zealand.